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Hi, I’m Helen and welcome to how to buy a laptop online.Me

Like most people I don’t want to overspend unnecessarily so I stick to buying only what I need.

Sometimes I would stand in front of a product, ready to buy and ask myself. . . . . . .Do I really need this?. . . . . . . I mean do I really really need this? . . . . .do I need this now? Why do I need it now?

You see . . . . what we often don’t realize is that there is a difference between something important and something urgent. Important has to be dealt with but still has room to wait. Urgent does not have that luxury and need to be dealt with immediately. Sometimes something becomes both important and urgent.  When it becomes both, it becomes a necessity and this is the time to think rationally.

When you are ready to make a purchase take a moment and think. Money does not grow on trees. It is not something we have too much of and need to get rid of so we need to be careful when spending our hard earned money.

You perform your duties and some jobs can be very demanding. Then you have to deal with the occasional arrogant customer so yeah! I would say it’s hard earned money. Keyword! necessity! It is not compulsory but absolutely essential to establish what is necessary. You should feel obligated to do this, only you can benefit from it.

You already established that it is necessary for you to buy a laptop, now. . . . . .Which laptop do you need to buy? That is the question! What purpose would the laptop serve? what do I need the laptop to do?

I’m not saying you should not buy an expensive laptop, if you need a $3000 laptop whether it is essential to your business, you are a gaming fanatic or just want it and you can afford it then by all means you should buy it. If however a $400 laptop would be sufficient to meet your needs it is not necessary for you to spend $3000 on a laptop.

Rachel-grass-cuttingYou would not hire 10 people to cut your grass would you? One would cut and another would probably put the grass in a bag but the rest would have nothing to do.

It becomes something entirely different when you need the grass of a football field to be cut.

You buy what you need and that is the difference.
It’s exactly the same with laptops, you don’t need to buy a laptop to handle 50 tasks simultaneously if you take on 2-3 tasks at any given moment. While 2% of the laptop will be busy the rest of the performance would just sit there with no tasks available to perform. It’s like using a crane to lift a nail.


Buy a laptop to handle a max of 10-15 tasks, It will work great and will last longer because you didn’t buy a laptop to handle only 2 tasks. Just think what you could have done with the $2600 you had left if you bought a laptop for $400 instead of $3000.

A friend of mine actually bought a laptop for $2400 and when I asked her why her reply was “I don’t like cheap stuff, I need it to last because I’m not buying again”. She bought it for her younger sister who studies at university. She will basically just use microsoft office and watch movies. She is young, has a great job and can afford to buy it but then again it was not necessary.

My point is that most people don’t want to buy something labeled as “cheap” because they associate “cheap” with poor in the sense of not long lasting and poor performance. This is only because we are not informed well enough.

I do recommend well known brands of course, I wouldn’t buy a brand I’ve never heard of. A laptop between $200 and $250 would have been sufficient for her sister. The money she spend could have bought 10 laptops for 10 students.

This website was created with the purpose of helping you to make an informed decision on which laptop to buy according to your needs and budget.  It is for the average computer user so I will do my best to explain everything in Layman’s terms as far as possible.  If we had this luxury 20 years ago we would have saved a lot of money.

Well, I wish you all the best and I hope you become well informed on my website.

Thank you for dropping by! 🙂



Founder of How To Buy A Laptop Online
email. helen@howtobuyalaptoponline.com


34 Responses to About me

  1. Kevin Bulmer says:

    What a great introduction, Helen! I love how you said, “Important has to be dealt with but still has room to wait.” That is so completely true!
    You’re providing a really terrific and helpful resource here. Thank you! Wishing you all the best of continued success!
    All the best,

    • Helen says:

      Hi. Thanks so much Kevin. I appreciate your positive feedback. I think everyone can relate to that statement lol. Important really is not necessarily urgent and that is something we should really take serious. I mean generally, this is not laptop specific but it affects everything in our lives.

      All the best to you too Kevin. Keep well.

  2. Mike says:

    I’ve spent some time on your site Helen and you present a lot of great information. Laptops are always changing and improving so it’s good to have a place to get the latest information. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Helen. I really like your site.
    I used to (and still do sometimes) buy and sell laptops. Often I would buy them damaged ie; broken screen, missing keyboard or other parts etc. I know quite a lot about this subject and would like to offer any help should you need it. Best of luck with the project! Best Regards, Renny

  4. Donna says:

    So glad I stopped by here! I was talking to my mother earlier, whose computer I am trying to unload a ton of garbage off of & attempt to get it to work properly. As of today she is thinking of buying a laptop so she will not be confined to where she uses the computer. I have bookmarked your site so I can go through it top to bottom tomorrow!

    • Helen says:

      Hi Donna
      I wish you good luck on sorting out your mother’s computer. It is always a good idea to keep your computer free from junk thus making it run smooth all the time. I remove anything I am done with, defragment my drives and clear my browsing history to have it run at its best. This way I don’t have to constantly buy a new computer and use the money for something more needed.

      Thank you for stopping by

  5. John says:

    Shopping on line has become a norm these days and there is far more trust in doing so than a few years ago.
    You provide a lot points to consider here before buying a laptop, which in general is not a cheap item. We all work hard to earn our money so saving a few $$’s is always welcome.

  6. Cari-Lee says:

    I am looking forward to spending some time on your site. I am buying a new computer for my boyfriend’s b-day and it was suggested that I look for an ASUS. There seems so much more to know than before, glad to have found your site.

  7. Donald says:

    Hi Helen,
    I really enjoy your site. I am an avid gamer and have always wanted to get a gaming laptop. I have yet to find one that was not outrageously priced. Any suggestions on where I might be able to find one for someone on a budget?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Helen says:

      Hi Donald.
      Thank you for the comment on my website. You could just go to amazon and search “gaming laptop”. On the results page just tick the price range on the left to choose your price range then you can just browse through what would suit you.


  8. darren says:

    I have been thinking about building a PC and was looking around for some information on parts. I came across your website and I think you have changed my mind. It actually way cheaper and easier just to grab one online and with a laptop I can take it with me. thanks for the info. Have you had any trouble with shipping?

    • Helen says:

      Hi Darren.
      If you want to build a mean machine a desktop would be the best option so depending on what you need it for a laptop could be cheaper. I have not personally had any shipping problem if however you package does not reach you and is returnedas undelivered Amazon will refund all your money including shipping costs.

  9. Dallin says:

    Very sound principles here Helen, and they apply to a lot more than just laptops. A lot of people, myself included at times, get caught in the trap of paying way more than they need to for something, or buying something that they don’t need at all! A lot of people could use this advice!

    • Helen says:

      Hi Dallin

      Yes I also got caught up in this before but I don’t think I will again. You buy something and after sometime you ask yourself “why did I spend this much money on something I did not really need?”

      Thank you

  10. Robert says:

    Hi Helen!

    Totally agree on knowing the answer to “What do I want this for?”. My personal habits are to answer that question and then start my research to find out what the capabilities are, find the best match and then look for a good make at a decent price.

    Good luck!


  11. Emily says:

    hi Helen
    you make some good points here! I mean my money is hard earned so I should definitively stop more often to ask myself “do I really really need it”. It is nice to reward ourselves but we also need to think about necessities. If I want to buy myself a coffee to reward myself, well that’s a bit different but a laptop? That is a big decision that requires some thought. Cannot wait to see what your recommendations will be 🙂

    • Helen says:

      Hi Emily

      Thanks for your appreciation. You are so right, buying a laptop cost way more than a coffee lol so you have to think carefully. Do not just buy for the sake of buying. Establish what you need before making a decision.

      Thanks again

  12. Dara says:

    I love your philosophy! Why buy a super expensive high end machine if a lower cost one will suit you just fine?
    Shopping online is the way to go. I will occasionally “showroom” in a store if I’m out and want a hands on look at something, but buying online almost always yields the best prices!

    • Helen says:

      Hi Dara
      Thank you. Yes online shopping is the way to go, I also do some window shopping when I’m out and its fun but once I made the decision to buy I go online.

  13. Greg says:

    Hi Helen!

    I’m the guy, who buy laptops for every job 🙂
    I bought a Mac to handle my e-mails, this one is traveling with me everywhere. I have a Lenovo – a very strong one – for work. This is for working and watching videos – connected to my projector. I asked myself, why I have a Mac? I really don’t need it, but everyone knows that it’s more expensive than a Lenovo and lighter.
    So, I just bought it to show that I can afford it… I’m not too proud 🙂

    • Helen says:

      Hi Greg
      I am glad that you found my website. I bet there are many people who would ask themselves that question after finding out that they did not really need what they already have. If just to handle emails you could have gone much cheaper. Apple is great and very impressive performers, the names speaks for itself and that is a fact. I hope you learned your lesson now lol 🙂

      Thanks for stopping buy

  14. Gary says:

    Hi Helen

    I love the idea of this website! Where was this all the times I stood trying to decide which one to choose.

    I have bookmarked your site for the next time I am stuck. all the very best to you.


  15. Rawl says:

    I think you’re right that we don’t think critically before making big purchases. However, depending on what the laptop will be used for depends on what type we should buy. But I’m also a mac user and believe everybody should use a mac because they are the best. It comes with a hefty price but you have a laptop that will last almost forever and you can go to any mac store and there are many services they provide for free.

    My best friend’s apple care expired but she was still able to take her computer to an apple store. They performed a diagnostic and did some other work for free. She can now use her computer again until she’s able to purchase a new battery.

    A Mac is worth $2400 but an Acer or Compac is not.

    • Helen says:

      Hi Rawl

      Yes depending on what the laptop will be used for depends on what type we should buy. This is what I am trying to make everyone aware of. I do agree that mac is very impressive but I would not say it is the best at everything so depending on what you will be using it for comes into play again.

      The apple stores offer some great assistance but I live in a smallish town and we do not have a mac store here so again it is not everyone. My husband loves apple and I am sure he would agree with all you say but I prefer windows maybe because I am so familiar with it I guess.

      I have nothing against mac but I don’t think I would spend that amount of money on a laptop seeing that I just use browsers and some office applications mostly and rarely some image and video editing plus I have an impressive desktop for some gaming 🙂

      Thanks for your input.

  16. Andrew says:

    Hi, great article here on buying a laptop online. I agree with you here, I had a friend that was about to make the mistake of buying a really expensive laptop for simple office tasks. At the end of the day, why waste your money when you could get a cheap laptop that does just the same job at a fraction of the price.

    • Helen says:

      Hi Andrew and thank you. I am just trying to help out those who need help and find it difficult to decide what to buy when it comes to laptops. We need to save when we can and spend our money wisely. Buy what will meet your needs that is what I say.

  17. I see a lot of Lenovo and Toshiba’s people are buying out there, especially my family members. I don’t know why they’re buying them. I think you can get some amazing deals out there right now, I love to buy everything online. I bought my iphone5 this way. I don’t really like shopping any other way to tell you the truth. All the best of success to you:)

    • Helen says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you and I thank you for your comment. Online shopping is the future and I am just trying to educate those who need it. I do not focus much on gaming laptops I focus most of my attention on budget laptops, they perform very well these days. Take care.

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